Solid oak flooring and wooden facades CARMAN

Our company Carman,a.s. offers solid oak battens suitable for flooring for interiors and outdoor facing for exteriors. Oak is traditionally one of the most durable woods used for its durability for ages. Oak is the best quality European wood as it is hard long-life wood. It was used to make railroad ties, oak poles and boats, oak poles were used to stabilize embankments.
Solid oak flooring and facing is an oak wood product of our sawmill and is kiln-dried.

Solid oak flooring — a floor for a lifetime

For generations solid oak floors were standard equipment of all homes because there is no other material more suitable for interior flooring than oak.
We produce flooring in rustic design — unique combination of pattern and natural shades of wood makes every floor an original and every time will surprise your eyes with something new. Wooden floors mostly resist the fashion trends and so with aging they are not losing value but contrariwise they are gaining distinctive patina and soul. Every step on the wooden floor means touching nature.

Advantages of our solid oak flooring:

  • 100 % natural product
  • 100 % Czech wood – solid oak battens
  • High durability, unique visual aspect suitable for modern and historical interiors.
  • Possibility to order variety of dimensions.
  • Easy installation, universal use – suitable for both flooring and interior and exterior facings.
  • Warmth – unlike other materials the wood is an ineffective conductor of heat and thus perfect insulant. That is why the body heat is not lost in contact with wood and the feeling is warm and hospitable.
  • Sanitary properties: surface of the solid oak floor is easily kept clean and thus limits the creation of the mite culture medium. Mite can cause breathing and skin problems.
  • Ecology – wood is renewable resource.

Solid oak facing – durable wood for exterior

Oak battens are suitable for all kinds of exterior facings. Durable wood building products, soffits, exterior facing, etc.


Oak flooring CARMAN 2014