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Pilařský závod CARMAN a.s., Uničov - pilnice
Pilařský závod CARMAN a.s., Uničov - štěpka
Pilařský závod CARMAN a.s., Uničov - kulatina

Deciduous timber — oak blanks production and other products

  1. Squared oak blanks in thickness programme 22 and 28 mm, other thickness programmes according to the requirements of the customer
  2. Timber for joiners (not squared edged)
  3. Rough sawn oak shorts
More information about oak blanks

Coniferous timber (made to order)

  1. Whole assortment of building timber — squared timber, planks, laths, battens
  2. Rough sawn coniferous shorts

Purchase and sale of round timber

Production and sale of the woodchips, sawdust and firewood.
More information about purchase of the round timber

Other services

  • Drying of timber in our own drying kilns (possible also as a customer service)
  • Saw your logs
  • Transport of the timber to the destination

For prices and calculations please contact

Sawmill manager
Jaroslav Soušek
Mobile:+420 725 243 804
Blanks sale
Filip Navrátil
Mobile:+420 601 082 097
Dispatching, timber storing, retail
Vladimíra Smrčková
Mobile:+420 731 492 281
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